Sub forums for "sort of" popular brands?

  1. Is there a way perhaps some of the "sort of" popular brands could get a subforum of sorts (i'm not sure how that'll work...perhaps like the different sections in the LV, Chanel, Balenciaga, etc. forums?)

    And this could be a "testing" period to see how well the response is to that brand.. If it's good, then perhaps a full on subforum could be granted? For example, Juicy Couture, Hayden Harnett , Botkier, LAMB, etc?
  2. Ooooh I like this idea. I'm also a huge fan of Michael Kors, Longchamp and Kate Spade (though with the recent sell out, I don't know if I will be for long :shrugs:), but am not sure if there is interest there so I haven't requested a sub-forum.
    Maybe a Misc. designers forum with folders for the other brands? I'm sure some authentication would be helpful at the very least. Great idea azia!
  3. I like that idea, too! A Misc. forum with folders for each brand within it. That way the brands list won't be needlessly long but people can still easily access each brand.
  4. I like the idea.
  5. That's what the Handbags forum is for. ;)
  6. ^ ^ Did you read my post? I don't think you understood.

    Right now the Handbag forum is just threads regarding various threads which means, there may be 10 threads on Hayden, 3 on Juicy Couture, 6 on Gryson, 5 on Bulga, etc but only one-off threads on some brands.

    What I'm suggesting is there be subforums (such as the Shopping and Reference sections in Chanel, Balenciaga, Hermes, etc.) in the Handbag forum but instead it be of brand names. So at the top of the Handbags forum is sub-forums for Juicy, HH, Kate Spade, etc. This way, it will be easier for people to find certain brands that are talked about more often BUT not as often as the brands that have their own forums already. And if it seems they get a LOT of traffic, then eventually they can be made into a full forum (like a test period)
  7. I'm all for your idea Azia. heck I had to search all the HH threads and posts different members started on just to see which ones got updated! At least this way it's more organized.. you click on a tab and there goes your selections! [​IMG]
  8. Well, the test to create a new forum is how many threads are created in the General Handbags forum. If people need to view threads on a relatively unpopular brand, they can easily do a search.

    I just don't see the need to clutter by creating more subforums when there is already a process for assessing when new forums are needed.
  9. Separate forums can attract more interest or new people. I hardly ever go into the general handbags forum, but as soon as a brand I like pops out of there into its own forum, I read it regularly. If I can see the brand on the home page and pop in to see what's new, it's a very different interaction than having to think "oh, I wonder if there's anything new about brand X" then going into Handbags and doing a search.
  10. I understand what your saying...I rarely go into General discussion as well LP, but I'm always interested in other bag brands. The bag forums that are listed now are quite high end and there are many people who prefer the more mid range bags. It would attract more people.

    Not sure about feasibility....Ohhhh Vlad! (said in a sing songy come hither sort of way)
  11. I think some people might be confusing what I'm saying? Because I'm really not sure how this would create MORE clutter?

    Think of this forum as having many drawers with things in side and then one big drawer with mismatched pieces (Handbag forum). My idea is basically to ORGANIZE all the items in big drawer so when you've found a few matches, they can make a pair. Eventually, when you've got enough pairs, it can take up a drawer of its own! ;)
  12. Azia ~ I Think It's A Fabulous Idea! :yes:
  13. I had the same idea myself, for brands such as Juicy, Dole and Gabbana, etc.
  14. Great Idea, Im all for it, I hardly go into the handbag and bags forum cause its too much for me, I can never find what Im looking for straight away
  15. also Lanvin, goyard lol