Sub-forum on relationship?

  1. Hey Vlad,

    I was wondering if we can have a subforum on relationship? I was thinking like "sex and the city" kind of question like, "Is it necessary to have a boyfriend that get along with all of your girlfriends?" or if someone has some relationship trouble we can help them...

    That's just a suggestion. Since some of us are anynomous, it is nice to get advice from other people without being judged... and also try to help other people... Or solve our own problem... Or give insight to some findings on female/male perspectives... OR solve other relationship issue (like in-laws problem, friends, etc)...

    Well just a thought..


  2. I think it's a great idea. Many of my girlfriends seek me out for advice on relationships just because I've been through so much...and I would love to help out any other lost girls out there. What are friends for? Even if we're anonymous and bag-a-holics.
  3. I'd be game for that!

    Better yet, I think a forum on personal issues is worth looking into. Whether you've got a crush on the [SIZE=-1]chiseled-jawed blond boy in your class, whether your car just broke down, or whether you can't believe the nerve of your boss -- that sort of thing.

    I see quite a few threads on these sorts of issues in the General Discussion thread, and I think it might be worth coralling them into a forum of their own, especially with their sensitive and often emotionally heated nature.
  4. I am fully supportive of this idea.
  5. I would post in a discussion board on relationships!
  6. :yes: good idea Vlad?? :flowers:
  7. I guess this is too controversial. Love the other new sub forums though!
  8. I like this idea!
  9. I just want to put my vote in for this sub-forum, too.

    I know on another forum I go to they just call it "Sex & Relationships" so anything to do with sexual and platonic relationships go there (issues with spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, family, friends, etc.)

    I think it would be good because sometimes serious issues get lost amongst all the other "general" posts in the General Discussion section. And having a sub-forum would make things seem more "private", if that makes sense.
  10. i'm definitely voting for it~:yahoo:
  11. A forum I used to be part of had a "Personal Support" forum. Anything posted about in there wasn't allowed to be "taken out" of that forum, so to speak. (ie you couldn't take cheap shots at others about what they've posted about in there. Not that I think people here would) Anyways that forum was quite a draw for new members, though I'm not sure why.
  12. I am a fan... now let me talk the man into it!! :yes:
  13. That is a VERY good rule.

    I've been on other forums where people brought up things from other posts to undermine what people were posting about and while sometimes they're valid questions/comments, it discouraged people from posting and therefore, getting the support they're seeking.

  14. Yay... We have Meg on board :wlae:
  15. I think our forum runs pretty well and the people are all quite supportive and nice... still talking to the man about this :yes: