Sub for tassel zipper pulls on Botkier Trigger?

  1. I just received a bronze Trigger (from eBay) and am not crazy about the three long leather zipper pulls and took them off.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to replace them with? I think they'll be okay w/ nothing attached (the rings seem just big enough to get a good-enough grip to zip) but I'm curious if anyone has any ideas.

  2. I actually like the tassles on my Botkier. I also have Balenciagas with tassles. One thing I might suggest is a small charm/zipper pull. There are lots of threads on this if you do a search. I've made a few of my own -- they're easy, inexpensive, and pretty neat. Good luck!
  3. I heard you were supposed to cut the tassels to a length you like -- at least that's what the SA at Nordstrom told me.
  4. Braid the tassels into a cute little braid and then cut them short.. add a few metal charms to the end that you can find at a craft store. make it your own!
  5. I remember a while back (before the turbo was released) reading about Botkier replacing the tassels with tabs. I don't know if they ever did it or if it was just a rumor, but I don't see the harm in contacting them and asking. I wouldn't put charms on myself. If it was just one zipper, it would be fine, but it would look over the top with the two for me. Then again, I love the tassels on mine.
  6. i am going to get some cute coach charms for my trigger. i think leather charms in general would look good.