Suarez New York?

  1. A lady at my pilates studio was carrying this gorgeous bag last week, so I asked her what designer it was. She said it was Suarez from New York. I must say the bag was stunning! Apparently, their handbags are made at the same leather factory as Gucci, but at a fraction of the cost. Anyways, to get to my question, has anyone ever purchased a Suarez handbag? If so, can you send me some pics?
    I'd love to hear all your feedback!
  2. Has anyone heard of them???
  3. Hue, check out this website., search Suarez. Apparently, they make knockoffs from famous designers (which explains the low prices) in addition to their own bags....maybe that's why nobody has heard of them?!
  4. Thanks pursemama, I saw that blurb about them. I just wanted to know if anyone has a bag or can give me more info.
  5. I have been buying bags from Ramona Suarez for years now. I do not visit New York without going there and I usually come home with two. The bags are beautifully made, incredibly reasonably priced, and the one time I had a problem they promptly took the bag back and fixed it to perfection. :jammin: RR
  6. I bought a Suarez bag from a tPFer last year, a beautiful genuine lizard evening bag. It's as beautifully made as any fine bag, the details are incredible (grommets, filigree buckle, etc.), and I get so many compliments on it. totally worth investigating. I might see about what kind of snakeskin bags they have on sale this winter.
  7. Hi! I'm new to the purse blog but I'm a devoted Suarez lover for 10+. I probably have 5 bags, 2 belts, and 2 pairs of shoes from them. All are either ostrich skin or aligator. They are BEYOND gorgeous and in all different colors. The quality is better than most designer labels. Their prices are amazing. At one time they had an black aligator duffle bag (huge) that was around $7,000. That's a lot of money but later that week I saw a small aligator purse at Hermes for $9,000. The hardware is beautiful and so are the linings. I also like that you won't see everyone walking around with "your" bag. I carry one of mine literally every day. I love them! I travel quite a bit and Suarez is my favorite "purse place" in the country.
  8. I'm new and was trying to respond to your query. Please see my posting below.
  9. I have been buying Suarez bags for at least 10 years and find them to be gorgeous. Since I live in NYC they are convenient for me. (57th st & Park Ave.) Their 2x a year sales are amazing. It is too bad they don't have a website.
  10. Totebags2000, when are their 2x-a-year sales??
  11. Suarez Is A Must For Bag Ladies! The selection of beautiful bags is terrific. If you want designer labels you won't like this store, but if you want designer looks and quality, this is the place! I never visit NYC without going to see Ramona Suarez's wonderful store. I had a problem with the hardware on one bag and it was immediately replaced! No questions asked. And they paid all the shipping. Sad to say, I have had to put an addition on my home to house all my bags. She has too many great choices! I'm 62 and have been shopping here for many years. Suarez has wonderful selections at great prices and I'll be returning again and again until I drop which point I want to be cremated and buried in one of my Suarez bags! The prices are great. While the bags aren't cheap, they are excellent value for price paid. The service is great ...great courtesy and kindness. I never fail to visit Suarez when I visit the Big's a must for any bag hound! Thanks Ramona and a big hug from West Virginia!