Stylish yet easy to carry purse for travel

  1. Hi everyone,

    Need some advice on what sort of purse I should use for travel? Nothing too big that will weigh me down but big enough for passport, wallet & camera? I was thinking of the Coach Swingpack but not really happy with the look. Any advice? Thanks!!
  2. How casual is acceptable? I prefer crossbody bags when traveling, and unfortunately it's harder to find not-totally-casual crossbody bags. I also want to carry guidebooks, water, etc in my bag. So far, I've been happy with:

    seabreezestudio messenger bag (link is just an example of what you can get). I actually have 3 bags made with different fabric. I :heart: these bags because I custom ordered them so that they has tons of useful pockets.

    Tano Maid in Form. Crunch leather isn't smooshy soft, but it's amazingly lightweight for a leather bag.

    Jack Spade vertical messenger. Well made bag with good organization, but why the :cursing: did they ruin such a great bag by making the closure velcro?? I've snagged a couple of sweaters on it when using it. :mad:

    Longchamp le pliage. Convenient long handles and super lightweight.

  3. I'm not sure what the style name is, but I love my Latico bag for light travel. It's super lightweight, the top zips shut, it has interior pockets and it has handles as well as an adjustable shoulder strap (that ALWAYS stays up and doesn't slip). It was only $50 or $60 (from Ross), but the leather is nice. And I don't have to worry about setting it down, because it was so cheap. It's one of those bags that's really grown on me. Looks-wise, I didn't love it at first, but it's sooo practical and comfortable to carry :girlsigh:
  4. Not the highest fashion bag, but I love my Sherpani Trevina for travel and knocking around. It is durable, has all the right pockets, and comes in lots of colors.
  5. Thanks everyone! Thanks to those who posted links, very helpful!
  6. I'd say a longchamp le pliage medium shoulder tote. so lightweight and easy!
  7. I love my Balenciaga City for's super lightweight, and the front zip pocket is large enough to fit my passport perfectly!
  8. I also use a Latico bag for travel. Mine is a hobo convertible into a backpack. Very light, easy to carry. $50 from Marshall's.

  9. i'd say longchamp is wonderful and so would LV
  10. Foley+Corinna Mini City! Holds all my stuff plus a magazine or two. You can also go with the Midi as well. Bonus is that it folds over and becomes a smaller bag.