Stylish travelers! What purse do you use when vacationing?

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  1. I have had the privilege of traveling quite a bit and am left with a bit of a dilemma. I know for some people they don't care about looking that polished when travelling, but for me, I don't want to change my style when I travel. I usually carry my micro celine luggage everyday but am wary about carrying a handheld only bag on vacation, especially since we like to walk and take public transit. What bags do you carry when travelling?
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  3. It depends. I'm like you so I want to look my best when I travel whenever I can. Usually that means I have freedom on leisure travel but am conservative for work travel.

    For leisure, my very functional carryon is a large multi compartment backpack. This is more organized, holds more and is more ergonomically sound than a tote. In it I place my handbags and jewelry. I don't ever check high value items. I put my jewelry inside the smallest handbag and then stuff the bags inside each other or organize them next to each other to maintain their shape. I also take a change of day and night clothes )which I use for stuffing my bags), meds, books, laptops, snacks, sunnies, water bottle.

    The bags I take are the ones that look best with the outfits I'm wearing - so that could be any bag or bags in my wardrobe. :smile: I lean towards shoulder bags (flaps) and crossbody bags because they leave my hands free while giving me room for my things. I will often pack a less expensive tote (like my vintage Prada worth less than $500ish) and a maybe beach bag in my carryon luggage for when I need more capacity.

    For business travel, I carry a sturdy but non descript black leather tote / laptop bag. I drop my phone, wallet and makeup bag inside and try my best not to need another handbag.
  4. It depends where I go but mostly I'll take one nice, large-ish bag that will go with most things (neutral or pop) in a 'non-delicate' leather and a large wallet that will double-up as a clutch. That way leaving any bag in a hotel is kept to a minimum. My woven BV hobo gets lots of trips away, as do my Hermes Bambou GP and Gucci Flora totes. If you're going somewhere more urban a non-logo, cross-body can be a good idea.
  5. I usually take 2 bags with me while traveling. There are several bags that I choose from for my vacation depending on location and my activities there and what I'll be wearing. They all have a zipper closure, light weight and have a long strap. One of my favorite traveling bags is the LC small cuir. It got caught in the downpour and came out without any water stains. Can't say the same thing about corner wears but that's OK as it has traveled the world with me for several years now.
  6. Guess depends how one travels/relaxes.

    I use pacsafe crossbody.
    Drenched in collonil waterstop spray.
    With plastic sandwich bags, some contents, as back-up.

    Feel I look gorgeous enough, when add the aviator shades.:cool:
    But might be contentedly dellusional.

    Currently pondering which bag will go from hiking to helicopters to caving to speed boats.
    Whilst holding enough shoes to offset airline carry-on limit.
    Probably cloth tote with pacsafe bag inside.;)
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  7. I just went mountain hiking and used a work-vest with multi pockets. Lots of organisation plus hands free (sometimes essential) One of those pockets was packed with a rain-proof and full-length army surplus poncho for possible (and in my case probable) downpours.
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  8. I have been using my LV saumur 30 for travel. Love that there are two flaps, i keep the valuables (ie passport and money) in the flap facing the body and the frequently reached items in the front flap. It goes with any outfit too :smile:
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  9. Great idea!
    Pockets are my homies, too.:smile:
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  10. I too like to keep up style when I travel, but.....I don't check bags EVER unless leaving for more than a I am limited, and it also changes drastically depending on where I go. I definitely could not travel with a handheld bag only.
    For big city trips, I take an Hermes Kelly 28, and put it inside a Longchamp Le Pliage for the plane. The Kelly is a great bag for running around a city. If I know I'll be going out and will need a smaller bag I will put a Chanel WOC inside the Kelly or inside my carry-on suitcase. If I know I'll need more space during the day than a K28, I bring my Hermès Toolbox 26.
    Small towns that are more casual I do the same but I will substitute maybe my Chanel reissue for the Kelly, or use the Toolbox. Sometimes a Kelly feels like "too much".
    For barefoot beach trips, unless it's a chichi beach (not my preference), I bring some kind of simple beach tote, and again I tuck a WOC in my luggage if there's likely to be nice dinners out, etc.
    For adventure trips, like climbing a mountain, safari, or lots of hiking, I lower the style quotient as I need a day pack at least, and like papertiger I have pockets galore. But if there will be ANY kind of urban going-out (meaning something where I'd put makeup on lol), I will also bring something like a Clare Vivier Bretelle sling bag - anything where I don't worry too much about the elements getting to it. If it won't be rough weather, mud, tons of salt water, etc., I might bring an Hermes Evelyne or a Mansur Gavriel mini mini bucket. I also keep in mind that if I am deep in the developing world, Hermès and Chanel feel inappropriate to me.
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    This is what I took on a recent casual trip to Italy-- The PS1 Tiny looks cute with jeans and it's very secure, and the Gucci 1973 is a terrific evening bag. The camera bag was obviously for days I carried my camera, and I was very happy with it. I didn't end up using the backpack. For when I want to be more polished, I recently bought a black-and-white Lanvin Jiji. I think she might be perfect, and can't wait to take her on a trip :smile: -

    I also had a very trusty Camelbak I used for my many hiking days, and also as my carry-on. It's a lovely teal - :smile:.

    I also have a terrific Helen Kaminski raffia tote for beachy/summer trips when I don't need something super-secure (it's an open top).

    I don't own one, but a lot of people on this forum like BV for travel, specifically the Pillow. I considered it, but didn't think it had enough "oomph."
  12. When I travel with the kids, I use a navy Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack. LOVE this bag.

    When I'm not traveling with the kids, I use a black Proenza Schouler PS1 pouch. Love this bag very much too!
  13. Just wanted to let you know that I saw this post of yours yesterday, and hunted down and bought a vintage Saumur 35 the same day! I'd never even heard of this style until you mentioned it, but I've been looking for a large cross-body travel bag, and your description sounded perfect. I LOVE having one side for valuables and the other side for a sweater, water bottle, books, snacks, etc. The 35 size is huge, too. Thank you so much for contributing to this thread and inspiring me!
  14. i leave the designer stuff at home and take a nylon crossbody from bagallini as my everyday bag, and a small LV pochette for evenings. the last thing i want to worry about is my bag and theft on vacay. best bags for travel are all-weather and those are usually nylon, patent, coated canvas.
  15. You're welcome! I'm happy that you found the perfect travel bag for you! I recently travelled with my saumur 30 again and still loving it!
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