Stylish suggestions for gym bags?

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  1. Need some help on good looking gym bags. I've been carrying a Lululemon dome gym bag for the last 4 years and it's literally falling apart! Zippers are gone and the handles are almost broken. Rather than going back to Lululemon again since the quality of their gym bags are so horrible given the price :tdown:... I'm at a lost on how to replace this bag :shrugs::shrugs:

    Has anyone found a stylish gym bag that looks good, is functional and with decent quality?
  2. Yes! The Eastpak travel bag. I bought one in a flower print.
    It's lightweight, waterproof, has two handles and a long strap.
    I even use it as an averyday bag when it rains.
    It costs around 60 euros in Europe and the quality is exceptional.
  3. Oh girl I am with you - I have a quilted lululemon duffel whose handles are starting to fall apart at the seams after 2 yrs of regular use. The rest of the bag is still in good condition so I've been debating taking it to my handbag hospital for actual leather handles or whether it's time to seek another gym bag. Not the greatest quality!
  4. You should look into Oakley bags! I have this pink and black one called the "Solution Tote 2.0 " and it still looks brand new even though I've had and used it for over 2 years!

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  5. I have a black Puma duffel that is stylish, light, roomy, and durable!

  6. Ya, debating that myself whether I should replace the handles and zippers since I like the look of the bag as it's a nice purple color. But cost-wise may not make sense. Might be cheaper to just buy new as I think the rest of the rubbery stuff will eventually fall apart in a few months!

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  7. This bag does look really good babesnstuds. Can this be purchased online or just at a local store? Might need to find out where I can locate one of these.

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  8. Thanks plumaplomb. I'll look into Puma.

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  9. Thanks Mariapia. Might need something closer to home so I can maybe try it out although extension of use other than as a gym bag (ie travel) could be useful. I'll google this to take a look as well.

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  10. Glad you like it! :smile: I get compliments on my gym bag all the time!

    Hmm since I bought it in stores a couple years back I don't know if they would still sell them. I googled it and couldn't find them on any online store either but I did find a listing for it on ebay!
  11. I use my Longchamp LePilage as a gym bag. I just don't like my gym bag to look like a gym bag.
  12. You know - I just thought of this myself - it might even be worth taking it to lululemon to see if they have a fix. They do free tailoring on their tanks/pants so maybe they have replacement handles?

    I'm planning to go to yoga today but not to the studio that's within walking distance to lulu. I'll def plan to stop in myself sometime in the next week and get back to you on whether they repair bad handles!
  13. Like that Oakley one!
  14. I have an older version of these soft, smushy ones that mold to your body:{keyword}
  15. Thanks....if they do repairs, might be worth a try. Hard to find matching coloured handles elsewhere otherwise.