Stylish Stillwood!

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  1. I was on my way to meet a design client and I looked over at the car seat next to me and thought, "What a gorgeous bag!" It is a shame there aren't more Stillwoods in the world! Here she is:

  2. This is your bag?? She's gorgeous!!!!
  3. i love the stillwood! i was thinking that a few weeks ago, i wonder why they dont sell anymore? maybe they werent too popular..
  4. Beautiful-how come that sometimes a great bag like this one is not seen more often? Makes me to take out my reade (big one) in the old red over the weekend!
  5. gorgeous!
  6. that is absolutely gorgeous!~
  7. Congrats!! what a gorgeous color! I am not sure if you got my message, but Landon loves Pretzel so thank you for suggesting it:flowers:
  8. Gorgeous!!
  9. It is a gorgeous bag! Wow ... hang on to that one!
  10. wow, the color is amazing!
  11. Indigo is truly a gorgeous LV color! I agree.
  12. pretty
  13. Yes, Jenn she is mine! I guess I didn't make that clear in my post! I wrote like she was a :lol: passenger!
  14. Londonholly, take her out for a spell this weekend! She deserves it and so does the world!
  15. That is a HOT design, I must admit and sweeheart, it must be an Indigo day cause for the first time in a long long time, I broke out my Indigo Bedford... I really have not appreciated the Stillwood until your post. And, now I realize how supercool that design really is.... never seen it IRL.... thanks for the post!