Stylish recommendations for 13 inch laptop sleeve/slim storage case can be LV or not!


Jul 18, 2013
Hello everyone! My dear husband gave me a 13 inch ultrabook laptop for a wedding gift. :smile: It was the perfect gift as my current laptop battery was only holding a charge for 30 minutes at a time and would spontaneouly die at random times.

I'm looking for a fabulous sleeve/slim storage case to keep it protected. It doesn't have to be LV, but I would like it to complement my LV collection. I like to mix Mono and DE and Red is my favorite color. I also am open to using LV items or other brands that can be used technically what they were not intended for (example business card holder or passport cover as a wallet). I welcome any suggestions and pictures are definitely welcome!! TIA :smile:


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Aug 24, 2014
New York, NY
Bump! I'm in a similar predicament. Not that my hubby bought anything, just in need of a stylish bag for a pretty thin laptop. :smile: