stylish lunch bags?

  1. hi everyone - what do you carry your lunch in? any suggestions for some stylish lunch bags?
  2. What's your budget, please?
  3. For those of you who dont want to or cant plunk down hundreds of $$$ for a lunch bag- check out the camping/luggage area at Target- they have some cute Eddie Bauer lunch bags shaped like satchels.....
  4. dooney's not that bad either, 30 bucks for a lunch bag ;)
  5. Ya, the Dooney bags would be good.... $30 is a great price !!
  6. how very cool, what an awesome thought. when I went to school I used a brown paper bag. I am only 25 and can't believe how different things are now.
  7. ohh thanks for all the ideas! keep 'em coming! my budget would probably be around 100 bucks max (it's just a lunch bag...but i mean, the burberry one is just too cute!) i think that 30-40 is more than reasonable for something that i would be using almost everyday. hmm...maybe $100 is too limiting! sigh....i guess it would depend on the bag - if it was perfect - i would probably go over :p
  8. I LOVE that Burberry!
  9. :yes: agreed
  10. Dooney and burke has a cute see through one with db's all over it in different colors its not too much either