Stylish Iphone Cases?

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  1. I heard LV is coming out with an IPHONE case..but I called an LV store and they said they werent out yet.
    JILL NEEDS A CASE..preferably BEFORE i break my phone droppin it(I killed like 2 razr phones already..LOL!)
    Anyone suggest a stylish case?
  2. If u want LV i bought a cigarette/ipod case from them a few years ago. It is build to fit a cigarette case or an ipod so i assume the iphone would have the same dimensions and fit in it? you can try it out at the store. It came in Damier, mono and nomade. I dont really remember. I would try prada cos they always seem to bring out cases and things liek that early. Im sure fendi and burberry have ipod cases that would work the same too. Shop around i guess. Good luck, all the best in your search.
  3. i'd just get an ipod case for the time being, or a case for one of the smaller blackberries. just find one that's not too terrible for now and then get the one you really want when LV has them.
  4. OMG that red croc LV iPhone case is gorgeous.. :drool: They're all nice looking lol!! I agree with Amanda, I'm sure that just like cell phone cases, there are tons of cute iPhone cases out there to act as a stand-by before you can get your LV one.
  5. I'm waiting for a pretty coach case for mine....but if LV comes out first may need to buy my first LV item!

    I've dropped my iphone a few times and been got wet....and it killed it....and no case I've seen would prevent that. Luckily...I got a replacement at no charge!
  6. ^Im soooo IN LOVE with the IPHONE..Im like addicted to it..hehe.I can check my PMs while standing in line at the grocery store...LOL
    I looked online...the cases were so FUGLY.Im gonna buy an ugly one for now...until the LV one comes in.hehe
  7. How about the pochette tikal? I'm sure your iphone would fit in that.
  8. Jill, get a good protective one for now not worth breaking your phone. Hopefull LV or CC come out with a good one. I have a fabulous CC ipod case and HOPE to god they come out with an iPhone case. I got a rubber one and am trying to figure out how to "weave" my Hermes ribbons to look like it is the case - KWIM? Its putsy but I think it will look fab when it is finished. I'm trying to get a BV look with H ribbons - hope that makes sense.
  9. ^LOL! U r too creative!
  10. No, I'm not crafty at all. And I mean NOT AT ALL. I'm an engineer and I'm always find stuff to do to keep me occupied. I don't work anymore - SAHM. I so miss my job but would never go back as long as my boys are at home.

    If it turns out I will post a pic. I'm making a cardboard knock up first because I have to have good edging .... LIke you're interested blah, blah, blah....

    What else can you do with H ribbons?
  11. i've got a plastic 24 dollar case that is on the phone...i would love to get one of those LV cases but will wait and see. dropped the phone once, the case snapped open but the phone was ok!

    dunno what else you can do with H ribbons...i wrapped one around the top of my suitcase handle to distinguish it from other carry ons!

    let us know how the ribbons turn out! :flowers:
  12. The LV cases were available exclusively at the flagship store in Manhattan for a limited time (which started July 16). A nationwide launch will be in October...

    I don't know if they still have any or what the deal is....You could try calling them to see if they're any still around??? :shrugs:
  13. Just called the 866 #, not sure how reliable they are, but he said they aren't launching until Oct at any store, but Manhattan will get them first when they do launch!? :shrugs:
  14. Very nice :tup: I am going to get one for my iPhone, they are gorgeous!
  15. has anyone tried to fit the iPhone for Chanel ipod case? I was thinking of getting one, but I think it's too small.

    And is LV the only designer coming out with a case for iPhone? TIA