Stylish in the rain

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  1. Since we've had a weird mix of rain and snow today in DC, I was just wondering how all of you lovely ladies (and gentlemen) keep dry? Special coat, umbrella, wellies?

    I have a plain old umbrella from Target, and switch between some Tamara Henriques and Ferragamo rain boots.
  2. I don't have any designer rain gear. I do have a Burberry trench on my "to get" list.
  3. I have a cute little coach umbrella that my mom got for me. :smile: It definitly brightens up my rainy days.

    I think that raincoats are ADORABLE and if I could find a really cute one I'd probably get it. :smile:
  4. I have a black Burberry umbrella. It works great for the most part, but was no match for a Beijing downpour last summer!
  5. Last year I bought a cute bright lime green raincoat on sale at Nordstroms. But we get so few rainy days here that I've only worn it a handful of times. I have a leopard print umbrella from Talbots, no rain boots.
  6. I have a black umbrella from Walgreens. Very stylish, indeed :P
  7. well, my only means of transport to work is walking... i've got an umbrella that my mum got me when i was like 14 and its still going strong and a Columbia Jacket.... nothing stylish at all! :sad2: I totally dislike it when it rains, it just makes my day rotten!
  8. I got nada, I look very ho-hum en route to work and at daycare in my uggs and lands end raincoat, then I transform once I get into the office.
  9. i'm usually in a hoodie, sweatpants, and nike shox when it's raining. i look like a bum!
  10. I wear my Northface jacket and my Coach bucket hat.
  11. i have a cute coach umbrella, need a rain coat though..
  12. I also have a North Face jacket, gotta love Goretex.

    I also have waterproof boots from Stuart Weitzman that I bought for really cheap on eBay.

    My favorite jacket is my Prada 2 in 1 jacket, it cost a bomb but was so worth it becuase I've worn it every single time it rained for the past 3 years (and it's rained a lot).
  13. My BF saw the umbrelly in Burberry and loved the length of it (it's the feel of almost like a walking stick). I was thinking of getting him that.
  14. I dunno, I've pretty much decided its impossible to be stylish in the rain for me, personally! I have some cute wellingtons with patterns, but that's about it!
  15. I am right behind you Amanda! I love my hoodies!:nuts:
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