Styling help for this ISSA dress

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  1. Since the print is so busy I would keep the shoes and jewlery simple and let the dress stand out. I would do brown, nude, or muted gold heels.

    My first instinct is minimal jewlery but I tend to be that way with jewlery in general. I think either doing a couple of pieces small in scale (like small earrings and a watch) or one larger piece like a cuff or cocktail ring would look nice - depending on what scale better suits your frame.
  2. This would look great with a chunky gold bracelet and simple, strappy nude heels. Gold pyramid studs or simple diamond ones would top it off nicely!

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  3. I agree with the others ^^ let the dress 'star' and pair with nudes and golds but nothing else stealing the show except your pretty face ;)