Styling curly side bangs

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  1. So I decided my hair needed a little extra pizzaz to it and got side bangs. They werent cut the way I wanted them and I was about to go on vacation, so I went to Super Cuts. They cut them too short :Push: Now Im stuck with shortish curly side bangs and Im having a hard time getting them to lie against my face and look decent. I tried to straighten them but they didnt look...swooshy. LOL I cant find another word! I have no idea how to make them look nice and school starts for me in a week!
    I saw this on Ebay and remembered there was a thread about it a while back but I cant find it. Think it would work?

    What do you do you keep your curly side bangs nice? :confused1:
  2. I know what you mean by swooshy bangs ;) I just got mine cut. Don't straighten them. What I do, is apply some sort of smoothing product, mousse, etc. then use a brush to smooth the bangs the way you want them to be. Then blow dry while brushing it in the "swoosh" direction.
  3. Yup, the fringe clip works fine. But in my opinion its the exact same thing as blowdrying your bangs sideways. :P
  4. Haha "swoosh direction!" Love it. How long are yours? Mine have grown a little bit but I dont know if they need to be a certain length to look swooshy.
    And when you blow dry them, do you brush the top or bottom? Some say that makes a difference..

    ETA: So it does work? Do you think it holds your bangs in place more than another way?
  5. I think longer bangs "swoosh" more easily! You can brush the entire length of your bangs AS you blowdry until they're completely try.. then you can spray them with a light fix spray and they'll be fine =) styling wax works as well.

    Edit: Nope, Its ultimately the same concept.. letting it dry in a position.
  6. Use a tiny bit of pomade to make them stay better, too. Or a wax type product. Those are made for shorter hair.
  7. Yup, if you have hair that's on the straight side, just use a brush with thick, natural bristles to get it going in the swishy direction and dab some pomade or wax on them. That should keep them put! And the natural bristles make it quite smooth.