Styling a White T


Ahh Money Penny...
Aug 23, 2007
White tees are a great blank canvas. You can never go wrong with any pairing IMHO.:flowers:Myself I wear mens V Necks in the 3 or 5 packs. I am a spiller and its easier to throw away a soiled white tee then get a spot out. I wear mine with blazers, skirts, pearls, pins and scarves. Try out different combinations and you never know what you might like! Its all up to your personal style.:flowers:

Anna R.

Apr 28, 2009
I wear white T's with anything. I like them best when they are just a little loose. Scoop and V necks I will wear with Jackets, Blazers, Cardigans, tucked into the front of pants, with belts and flats or heels or boots or sandals (anything).
To town down something bright, sparkly etc. or to let a piece like a statement necklace shine I will were ones that are more round or boat neck style.
Fitted tees I would rather wear with something like a bubble skirt etc. because then a slouchy top might be too voluminous.
I buy mine in staples whenever I find one that I like (long as well as short sleeved etc.). I like thin fabrics and have not yet looked into Men's shirt - but I might.


May 18, 2007
The only time I wear white Ts is in the summer. I prefer a fitted T like the J Crew Perfect Fit Ts. I guess I don't really think of "styling" a white T because I wear them strictly for casual wear. I wouldn't wear a T to dinner, or out on the town, etc.


party girl
Apr 6, 2011
los angeles
i love white t's! i wear them fitted or slightly loose, and i like when they're thin. i like victoria's secret "one size sexy" t's and threads for thought basic v-neck t's. i usually wear mine with a similarly plain pair of jeans (skinny or bootcut), sky high heels, and chunky statement jewelry -- either a necklace or earrings. sometimes i wear a fitted vest over the t.


Dec 13, 2010
I have a loose fitting one I wear with jeggings, flat shoes and a blazer.
I accessorize with a long necklace so as not too look to plain.

It's a great causal look without being too casual.


Feb 28, 2006
at the bottom of a cup of Jasmine Pearl
I love Parisian street style and the white Tee is a must! Here are some ideas:

- Loose or long and straight Tee with slightly cropped or shrunken blazer, long necklace and skinny jeans with flats or tall boots. Or same tee with trouser jeans and platform wedge heel. long necklace. The fitted, cropped blazer defines your waistline.

- Tucked into wide leg jeans or pants, with long cardi or oversized boyfriend blazer. Statement belt., heel

- Any neckline, fitted, worn untucked with funky or patterned waist-length cardigan, button middle button, fun necklace, cropped "Audrey Hepburn" pants like the JCrew Minnie. Flats (or little bootie?)

- boatneck, fitted, with long maxi skirt and flat gladiator sandals in summer