I WONDER how to report them and where ?
    They are the biggest scammers ever !
    Plus I know that they selling on e-bay too,
    so, please, be aware !
  2. This is terrible. Correct me if I am wrong, but seems like it is not stated in the website that their items are fake! Except of cos we can tell by the price!

    Are they even allowed to sell these?:rant:
  3. Wow they have fake Chanels that I didn't even know were being faked already. They even have fake Sharpey's (Sharpei?) already?

  4. Does Chanel have this:


  5. ^Ya, the naked flap.
  6. yeah, the naked bag! Its authentic.
  7. that is so scary :sad:
  8. That Naked bag is so fake - gross.
  9. this is crazy..
    I doubt they even have the bags to send you.
    You will pay for the bag and never ever get it.
    Most of these scammers are shut down and re- open and then shut down again.,
  10. I agree! Is it not against the law to sell fake stuff? How awful of them to do this? And worse still, to pass the fakes as real "at an affordable price" as many of them would claim.
  11. pretty scary
  12. That is really scary and sad.
  13. I think they got some of the photos from here at TPF.... I went to look and the black patent clutch picture is the same as the one I saw on TPF. I know that because I saved the photo of the one posted here (I am trying to decide between patent and caviar) and I knew the photo looked familiar! They probably post photos of real bags and send out junk.
  14. But where can I report them ?
    Can I call police ?
  15. I think your best bet would be to contact Chanel and let them know about the website, as well as reporting them to eBay. They do not list an address on their website, just a phone number, so there's no indication of where they are located nor how to find them.