Styles You Love... and Not So Much

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  1. Keep in mind these are my opinions only, not meaning to trash anyones favorite style but I thought it would be fun to do a style review. Anyone else?

    I Love:

    Zucca - can't say one bad thing about the Zucca, it's *perfect*. Yes it's big but it doesn't feel like a "big" bag.
    Dolce - near perfect small bag.
    Bambinone - great bag when the Dolce is too small.
    Denaro - I didn't think I'd like it but it's perfect! I wish it fit inside the Porta!
    Caramella - over priced but oh so handy!
    Porta - I have 4, need I say more?

    If I can't have perfection I'll take:

    Gioco - great bag except for the &*#$% floating lining, and that it looks like a gym bag when carried. But it's extra pretty sitting down.
    Bella - It would be perfect if it didn't get all misshapen when being carried, and if it held a little more.

    On the fence:

    Nuvola - VERY cute shape (although it does cut up the print a lot) but it's awkward to carry and I swear it holds less than my Dolces! But it is SO CUTE!

    Not so much:
    Stellina, Campeggio, Cucciolo - Actually not a bad style as far as practicality goes, (although the pockets on the Stellina are awfully small won't even hold my sunglasses!!) but in general just don't look terrific to me because of the print being cut up by flaps and pockets. Cucciolo does make a good stylish computer bag if you hate carrying plan black ones.
    Scuola - WHY did they make a "backpack" with paper thin straps,. The "padding" leaves a lot to be desired. I bought mine for those times when I need to carry a lot of stuff but the straps make it so dang uncomfortable I end up hardly using it!
    Canguro - It has it's place but it's just too small and awkward getting things in an out.
    BV - it looks like a tote bag, an ordinary cheap tote bag (except for the cool prints) like you get free when you buy all kinds of stuff. Not attractive in shape sitting down and not attractive when carried. And too think when I frist got started in toki I thought I wantd BVs in every print. Thank God the inavailabilty saved me from myself!
    CiaoCiao - just plain too too big and too too TOO flat looking to be really attractive.
    Luna - too bad I bought three before I ever used the first one. It's awkward to get into. Maybe it would not be so bad if you were going somewhere, taking everything out and then repacking at the end of your trip. But for "living out of it" - not so convenient. And it doesn't hold as much as you might think. At least mine were all cheap....

    Don't own:
    Bambino - Don't see the point, get a dolce instead!
    Bracialetto - Don't see the point
    Bella Bella - I think I'd like it. But maybe it squiches up when carried even more than the Bella?
    Trenino - I think I'd like it....
    Cangurino - Smaller than the Canguro!?!? Yikes!
    Mamma, Mamma Mia - See comment on the BV above. And the Mamma looks like a little kids copy of Mommy's purse. I know it's style near and dear to many but I really don't see the point.
    Ciao - I think I'd like it. I like the style of the ciao-ciao it's just *way* too big, the ciao might be perfect.
    Corriere - I'd love to see one in person....
    Caramellina - Bet I 'd like it as much as the Caramella!
    Bocce - I'd lkike to see one IRL. I just might like it...
  2. These are only my opinions, not meant to offend anyone

    I LOVE:
    - Bambinone
    - Ciao
    - Gioco
    - Zucca
    - Bella & Bella Bella

    - BV, MM
    - Caramella
    - Stellina, Campeggio
    - Canguro
    - Bocce - cute, but what can I carry in it?
    - Dolce - i hope the strap can be a lil longer
    - Bambino - like the style, but i heard they are not so practical

    I probably wont buy: (mostly because I wont use them)
    - Denaro - I need a bigger wallet
    - Porta, Braciellato - i dunno what to use it for
    - Scuola, Nuvola - I'm not a backpack person
    - Cucciolo
    - Corriere
    - CiaoCiao - too wide and deep for me
    - Luna
    - Trenino
  3. lol its kind of true :roflmfao:

    But I have 2 BVs myself (1 in inferno and 1 in spiaggia). One thing I like about it is I can get a big enough print on a BV uncut since I dont like ciao ciao.
  4. hmm for me ...

    - campeggio - yay! hands free shopping!
    - bambinone - small looking but carries a lot
    - zucca - do i even have to explain?
    - canguro - never thought i'd wear a waistpack but so adorable!
    - gioco - really cute style

    so-so on the:
    - ciao ciao
    - stellina
    - bella
    - nuvola
    (these are on my so-so list cuz I haven't had a chance to actually use them yet. Once I use them, they'll probably escalate to my :love: list)

    have but will probably not use:
    bambino -it's just so tiny ..

    will probably never buy:
    lol never say never .... :biggrin:
  5. I have two as well (Pirata and Amore) and I have to keep reminding myself not to buy more when I see them because the print DOES almost always look awesome on them. Too bad the bag itself is just bleh.
  6. I tried out my BV last night. I don't like how it sags at the bottome. I think I might have to copy maya and get some hard plastic and put that at the bottom of the bag so that it holds shape.

    I think it's a great bag though.. if you're in love with a certain print... and I LOVE my pirates!
  7. Love:
    - zucca
    - denaro
    - mamma mia
    - bella bella

    - buon viaggio
    - gioco
    - trenino
    - luna (only for the gym or something)
    - portatelefono
    - caramella
    - bella
    - bambinone

    Don't care for:
    - stellina
    - campeggio
    - cucciolo (unless I had a baby)
    - scoula
    - nuvola
    - dolce
    - bocce
    - canguro
    - bambino
    - corriere
    - ciao, ciao ciao
    - bracialetto

    I used to LOVE the BV and gioco until the zucca and MM came into my life! *lol* I don't care for ANY of the messenger bags or bags that go across your chest because my boobies are too huge and I feel it makes me look "ew" with a strap going in between my cleavage. I also don't care for any of the tiny bags because everyone knows I carry my HOUSE with me in my bags...

  8. I loove:
    Boun Viaggo
    Mamma Mia (If I can ever find one)

    Dont care much about the rest.
  9. LOL.... :lol: THat is hilarious... i luv the messenger style bags cuz I'm not as endowed. hahaha...

    I adore:
    stellina (worn w/ short strap AND/OR long strap)

    I really like:

    very cute but size isn't right for me:
    ciao ciao
    the really small styles

    the others are neutral for me... but i think i'd buy any style if the print placement was irresistable! :tup:
  10. :love:Love:

    The rest I don't really feel strongly one way or another :shrugs:
  11. I love :heart:

    - MM
    - Stellina
    - Bambinone
    - Ciao
    - Ciao ciao
    - Trenino
    - Luna
    - Andiamo
    - Denaro
    - Braccialetto

    I like...

    - Campeggio
    - Dolce
    - Mamma
    - Porta
    - Caramella
    - Cucciolo

    I hate

    - Gioco
    - Bella
    - Bella bella
  12. I love all of the stuff I have. They're all perfect in their own way! I suppose right now in order:
    1. Zucca
    2. Bambinone
    3. Tie between the Dolce and Gioco

    I LOVE the Denaro, it's so cute!

    I don't really like the Stellina/Campeggio, even though I want a Campeggio for school eventually. As a regular purse, no. Not a fan of the way the pockets cut up the print. The Bocce seems REALLY impractical. The Ciao and Bambino are too small for me.

    I only like the Bella with certain prints. The MM and BV are okay, but it depends on the print, really. I'm not a huge fan of the plain tote style.

    I sort of want a Ciao Ciao. I like the Nuvola but not the Scuola. As far as accessories, I already have a Denaro and I sort of want a Portatelefono, but i'm not in love with it.
  13. I like the BV because it shows off a lot of the pattern. But I don't intend to use mine as purses. I plan to use them more as a carry-on / overnight bag. Or an all-day bag for going to the zoo & things like that... where I need to carry a bunch of stuff and don't want to carry a regular purse.
  14. i heart:
    Bella Bella
    Mamma (don't own yet)
    Mamma Mia

    fine with:
    Buon Viaggio
    Campeggio (don't own yet)
    Cangurino (don't own yet)
    Caramella (don't own yet)
    Nuvola (don't own yet)

    eh about:

    Andiamo (don't own yet)
    Bocce (don't own yet)
    Ciao Ciao
    Gioco (don't own yet)
  15. I LOVE:
    Portatelefono (even though I dont have one yet)

    I'm OK with:
    Bella Bella

    I would NEVER get:
    Mamma Mia
    Ciao Ciao
    Buon Viaggo
    Adventura (or w/e its called)