Styles with longest straps?

  1. I don't live all that close to any place that sells B-Bags (well, it's an hour and a half to Barney's - but I'm trying to avoid the trip). I've had Firsts, Cities, Days and Twiggies. :confused1:

    Now, I'm wanting a style with a longer strap. I guess the City comes closest, so far, to being as long as I'd like - but which styles have longer straps? Am I looking for a Courier? I'd love some discussion of strap length/ drop. I'm 5'5".

    Not only do I want a longer strap, I'd like such a bag in two sizes. A bag that was about the size of the First but with a longer strap - does that exist?

    And I'd like something that holds about as much as the City, but with a longer strap.

    Which of the styles has the adjustable strap? I'm remembering correctly that there is such a style, right?

    TIA for all your help!
  2. The part Time is slightly longer than the City and they strap is a little longer. If you love the First, search eBay for a flat brass. The strap is way longer and I think the first looks much better with the longer strap. Here is a pic to show how long it is:

  3. Oh, thank you, Powderpuff! I totally agree that the first looks better with a longer strap. Since someone else has ordered a replacement strap for their City from Bal-NY, I've been thinking of ordering a City replacement strap for my Orange Rouille First - it would just be so much nicer with the longer strap.

    I do love the size of the First, I just don't love the strap length.
  4. The box comes with a longer strap. I have a bordeaux first and box and I'm always switching the straps, I love the longer strap with my first.
  5. ^ whoah whoah, they are selling straps now?
  6. Thanks crred96 - yep, the Box has a nice long strap. Well worth a look!