Styles that would appeal to younger women?

  1. Once or twice a year I like to get my nieces good purses. Are there any Chanel styles that would be particularly appropriate for women in their late 20's? They are both married career women, stylish; one is more casual, the other is more fashion-conscious, but they both appreciate the things I've given them so far. (they both already have LV's, Prada, MJ; they don't care for BV, darn it). Could I get them something nice for under $1800?

    Thanks for any ideas. I'm not terribly familiar with Chanel yet, but I'm reading threads and trying to learn.
  2. I think the new cotton cambon line or the original cambon would be perfect for someone who is 20...
  3. For the classic one, you can get them a medium classic in caviar. But I'm not sure of the price for that one

    For the more casual one, you can get them the cotton club or cambon line totes (probably medium size or bowler). If you want to give them both this style, you can try black on black for the more classic girl, and different colors for the more casual one.

    For reference:
    I'm 24 and I have about 4 classic flaps all in caviar (different sizes), large lux ligne tote, and some other ones that I don't remember the names of because they are obviously in the back of my closet somewhere.
  4. Do you think they like Chanel? I think it depends on their style, the flaps are great and classic but once in a while I hear a youngster say they are 'old lady bags" (Old lady meaning, gasp, over 35). Hmmm
  5. I'm 24 and I love both the Cambon line and the caviar Flap bags.
  6. i'm in my mi-late 20's and i love the classic flaps and the medallion tote
  7. I'm 32 and not too far out of that age group. . .
    I agree, check out the Cotton Club Ligne and the Cambons.
    There's a lot fo pics w/ prices in the Reference Library.
    Here's some of my bronze large Cotton Club Tote:
    IMG_0808.jpg IMG_0806.jpg IMG_0796.jpg
  8. I am 23,I like fashionable chanel handbags,different people have different taste.
  9. Thanks for the ideas; definitely before I buy, I'll check to be certain they love Chanel. They both seem to love the big designers (the classic niece already has her dream Birkin in mind!!) but for this kind of money I'll make certain.
  10. I think the medium flap bags are a perfect choice.
  11. I think the rock & chain flap is a youthful style. It's $1850. Here's a picture of the red, but it comes in black and white too.
  12. The diamond stitch is a really great bag. I'm 23 and I just orderd it, so is the "rock and chain" flap. The dimond stitch is 1650.00 and the "rock and chain" bag is 1850.00

    Your a really nice aunt, no one will buy me a chanel! :-P
  13. You are a nice auntie! I think my aunt, may she rest in peace, bought me a box of purple pipe cleaners once.
  14. hmm, perhaps the GST for the fashion-conscious niece? I know we are in the Chanel forum, but perhaps the more casual one would appreciate a Balenciaga bag. They come in so many fun colors! BTW, your nieces are lucky to have you as an aunt!
  15. i just turned 30- lusted after the gst forever-(til i got one for late b-day) especially for a career woman- dressy but is an IT bag right now