Styles that will make it on the May/June 2011 Sale list

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    I know it's still a bit early but I am eagerly awaiting the upcoming Designer Sale.
    I am trying to be good and not buy anything till the sales....

    What styles do you think might go on sale???!!!
  2. I am LOVING the Mago's (black), Maggie's, Pigalle Plato and of course Une Plume. and ANYTHING in Royal Blue!

    Do you think any of these will go on sale? probably not the plato and une plume as they're this season.
  3. so i guess it would be all fall stuff going on sale... i don't even remember what styles were fall.... everything is starting to blend together, lol
  4. moshi, I can't either! that's part of my problem :lol:
    last fall was so long ago!
  5. Since the sales are twice a year (or so says a Neiman's SA), wouldn't both the Spring and Fall items be on sale?

  6. Police maybe :lol:
  7. since a ton of the spring stock arrived late, i am wondering if many of them will go on sale so quickly... also, this season has been pretty crazy with so many styles selling out so quickly!

    Celtic, AFAIK, most retailers have sold out of the Maggies.
  8. definitely not the Daffs or the Luxura - those are selling out. Definitely not the Lady Peeps either - sold out already. I love high heels so nothing I like will likely be on the list -- I'm thinking the low heeled versions and flats. Maybe the Tournaboucle or however you spell it because few can carry off that style tastefully. Just my opinion :biggrin:
  9. i feel like most of the fall stuff is gone anyway.... i looked through the fall/winter thread to refresh and i think most of that stuff went during NOV sales....

    like jeshika said a lot of stuff was late so maybe just early spring.... if there's even anything left...?
  10. I am hoping to find a pair of flats on sale ... insight would be GREAT :smile:
  11. Celtic so glad you posted this! I was just wondering about this myself the other day.
  12. dear lord if i could find a pair of life would be set.

    idk if there is anything i truly want.

    black and white mago's would be cute.

    that's about it.

    wait--no the fine bretelle? i like that one. i think it's really cute
  13. ... I honestly doubt the Mago will go on sale. Too much demand - I mean, look at the ladies on this forum alone.
  14. ^ I know...but I'm so wishing ;)
  15. they should... i too have my eye on a couple pairs of cute flats that i couldn't justify paying full price for! :graucho: