styles of azur bags?

  1. Do you think they'll make an ellipse in the azur damier?

    i want to add azur to my collection, and really like the ellipse shape.

    also, are the azur prices the same as mono or reg. damier?
  2. I think you may be able to special order it but not for a while because that's the only way to get a regular damier ellipse at the minute. Th eprice for azur is teh same as damier
  3. ok, thanks :smile:
  4. I would love to see an Azur Papillon 30! :drool:
  5. Styles must be out for about 2 years before LV can accept any requests for SO's.

    I have a feeling that more styles will come out in Damier Azur, but it'll be a while. Also as Label Addict posted, prices for Damier Canvas pieces are the same as Monogram Canvas pieces.
  6. I think that more of the classic styles will introduced eventually (papillon, alma, bucket, etc.) in azur but an ellipse seems improbable, considering that one has yet to be made in the orginal damier.
  7. I dont think its extremely improbable because they made the Noe in azur and its not available in reg. damier (except by SO, of course)
  8. I would love a papillon in azur!