Styles being discountinued?

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knows a list of things that will soon be discountinued in the upcoming months?

    Love line?


  2. so far all i know being discontinued r the olive and fuscia denim bags :shrugs:
    thats all i know ,, for now
  3. Denim Baggy is being discontined.......:crybaby:
  4. iffy about the antigua lines....
  5. MC mirror holder was discontinued! i cant get over that!
  6. Monogram TROUSSE TOILETTE 28 has been Discontinued.
  7. Vernis color Raspberry has been Discontinued.
  8. Most of the denim bags
    Baggy PM
    Baggy GM
    Sac a Dos PM
    Sac a Dos GM
    Mini Pleaty
    Speedy Case GM (small goods)

    Framboise & Hazelnut (noisette??) in Vernis

    Spring/Summer bags & shoes should be coming to the end of their run soon