Styles Available for Spring 2007

  1. Hey Ladies,

    Are all of the classic styles going to be in production for the Spring 2007 line? I kind of have my little heart set on a French blue box or twiggy and a grass green Day, are those two styles going to be a part of the 2007 collection?

    I went to Joan Shepp in Philly yesterday to see what they're getting in & the SA said they're getting none of the standard bags in-they've only ordered a few of the newer style bags in the more neutral colors.

  2. I assume they're all available Jillybean. There are some rumours that the Purse style is being discontinued so it will be interesting to see if this pops up next season.
  3. cal, is there any way to find out what is going to happen to the Purse style? could it be just a rumor to boost Purse sales? has anyone asked at Bal NY?
  4. I LOVE my Purse bags. They're the perfect size for me.:smile:
  5. I think most, if not all of the motorcycle styles will be produced. The question is which store has ordered which styles and in which colours? Only way to find out is to call around and ask.
  6. Hi Danae, I've only heard it discussed here on this forum. I don't have a SA that I regularly deal with so can't ask. Unless someone out there has any definite news?.......
  7. i'll call Barney's and ask about the purse
  8. keodi, what did you find out?
  9. Thanks so much for the answers everyone! I'm very relieved.

    I gave my requests to the SA at Neiman Marcus at KoP, so hopefully I'll get the two bags I want!