stylefiend's collection

  1. Hi everyone!

    I really enjoyed looking at everyone's pics...and I thought that I would finally start my own thread and share my own collection.

    I bought my very first item (the Monogram Glacee messenger) in Dec 31, 2005 and this is my LV collection to date. Although I'm interested in expanding my collection with other brands, I haven't gotten very far since I seem to keep coming back for more...

    stylefiend_collection_01.JPG stylefiend_collection_02.JPG
  2. Wow ... great collection!
  3. i adore your glace messenger:love:
  4. wow, terrific collection!
  5. Beautiful collection- love the PDV and Naviglio!
  6. Wow! Such a great collection!:tup:
  7. awesome collection!!
  8. Thanks everyone. ;)
    I had just put in a request for a special order. I am waiting to find out if it will be approved. I'm also on the waitlist for an iphone case for my ipod touch (I only have an ipod touch since the iphone is not going to work on my network. I don't know if the case will be too big)
  9. Great collection-
  10. love your bags!
  11. That glace messenger is HAWT! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Great LV collection!
  13. Great collection.
  14. Great collection, you have some STUNNING pieces...very good taste in LV!
  15. I love your luggage!