1. I read that Styledrops sold authentic bags which I hope is still true. They have a bag with a color called petroleum. Is that an actual color and if so has anyone seen it IRL? Thanks.
  2. I purchased one of my City bag fm them, and yes, its authentic..
    However, they provide a confusing color descriptions on their website, the SA also hv no clue about balenciaga's name color when i emailed them. Good luck!
  3. yes i wondered when i looked at the site. possibly steel/plomb? and they have denim.. for ocean, you reckon? v confusing indeed.
  4. They are ok, authentic and more....just so expensive.
  5. Styledrops also charges your credit card more than the price they advertise on their website, even if you were to add the cost of shipping. It never adds up.
  6. are there prices in usd or euros?
    ..the ones that are shown
  7. I'm wondering this as well. I think I read somewhere that they're in euros, but that would be ridiculous considering their prices would be much higher than the retail prices.

    Edit: I just read this: