Styledrops refuse to take back defect bag!

  1. I bought a bag at a few weeks ago, and have worn it once. Then the other day I noticed a line has formed in the hardware (like the surface has cracked). It might have been there all along and I just didn't notice it until now. I wrote to styledrops and asked them what I should do about that, and their reply was that they will not take back the bag as I have worn it. They will repair it for me, but they said I have to keep in mind they don't have much knowledge in how to repair a bag. So of course I'm not going to send it to them, who knows how it'll look when I get it back then??? And I absolutely love the bag, and I don't want them to ruin it.
    So my question now is what do I do about a crack like that? The way it looks now doesn't bother me, but I fear the outer layer of the hardware might come off.
  2. I dont even know what to say about this. Just seems WAY wrong of them.
  3. Im NOT a big fan of styledrops as all. Sorry this is happening! Just take it to a local repair man and never deal with them again. KWIM?
  4. Yea, take it to a repair shop or maybe you if you have a Prada store nearby you can take it to them and just tell them you received it as a gift..maybe they can buff it out or something?? :confused1:

    Sorry you have to go through one likes a defective bag! :tdown:
  5. I ordered a Hogan from them last year and absolutely love the bag but will never deal with them again. They overcharged me @ $70.00. They would never respond to my emails and it took 3 phone calls to get a "partial" credit from them. Their excuse was that the higher price was charged due to the conversion of US to Euro at the time they charged my card. I told them I agreed to pay a certain US dollar amount, not "whatever" the conversion rate would be at the time they got ready to charge my card. I love their inventory, but will never buy from them again.
  6. Sorry for the above rant, got so carried away I forgot to answer your question. I would NOT send it back to them for repair - I'll bet if you did you will never see it again. Get it done locally if you can find a place.

    Good luck.
  7. My exact same experience. They are awful, awful, awful to deal with. They overcharge, and that's on top of their already overpriced published prices. No accountability whatsoever.:cursing:
  8. I have only shopped at 2 online stores. Rafaello Network and Styledrops. I was overcharged at Rafaello Network, BUT I sent them an e-mail, and I had no trouble at all getting the money back. And with Styledrops I got an empty confirmation email (and they wouldn't send me a new one, so I actually had no proof of ordering anything), a 20% tax charge, and a defective bag. So there's no question about it, I would prefer Rafaello Network over that any day!
  9. I am sorry to hear about the bad service, but the mark doesn't really look bad at all. Is it a scratch or a crack?