Styledrops coupon anyone??

  1. Does anyone have a coupon code for styledrops?
  2. Unfortunately, there isn't any for the time being. I called their customer service several days ago when I ordered my Miu Miu and the sevice rep said there wasn't a current code. :sad:
  3. do they usually have codes? or are they like Shopbop..a rareity
  4. Yep I'd like to know too! :yes:
  5. I am also looking for the same information. Please help???
  6. If you ask them sometimes they give you the free shipping, it depends on what do you want to order..Once they gave it to me (for a very expensive bag). Try to send them an e-mail:tup:.
  7. are the bags on authentic? because if so i would like to buy one, but i found a sight like this over the summer and bought a bag and it turned out to be fake. please help.

    silverstonee :smile:
  8. I bought few times from and they are legit. They ship from Italy!!!! And if you don't like what you have bought or you think it's fake you can return it. But I checked when I received my bag and a Prada shop told me it was authentic. Good luck!

    ps: you should post this kind of posts in the right category:-P
  9. sorry am new to the website...still learning how to do everything :smile:
  10. Me too:-P
  11. I would like to buy from too, but the prices are pretty high. :sad: Would definitely need a discount code. Anyone? :lol:
  12. I can't find any coupons for styledrops..sorry..