1. Is that an authentic site?
  2. All fingers seem to point to the site being legit. Many tPF's have purchased from that site. I did so last month, and my bag was the real deal.:yes:
  3. Yes, they sell authentic items... quite expensive though. A lot of their bags are priced over retail.
  4. YEAH! i check their dolce&gabbana long time ago,,,and its way more expensive!
  5. styledrops is legit, i've been a happy customer for many years!
  6. :yes: Sure is!
  7. Thanks, Megs. I'm soo sorry I started another thread on this and asked the same question Just didn't see this and only looked to see if my last night (early a.m.) question had been answered and it hadn't. :shame: I'm putting myself in the corner.