1. I wanted to purchase a waistbag and men's wallet from Gucci so I checked since they have last season and supposedly cheaper. NOPE! They charge 508.00 USD for the waist bag while the Gucci site it costs 435.00 USD. Just wanted to give a warning to those that shop on there to do some comparision shopping.

    I emailed StyleDrops asking if they were to honor the same price as Gucci and they basically said "Take your business elsewhere!"

    I didn't end up buying from StyleDrops and I would of bought from but they don't deliver to Canada :sad:
  2. That is quite disappointing.
  3. A great example of good customer service!!!!:yucky:
  4. They had the waistbag at Neiman.....
  5. Their returns suck too.. Sunshine had to pay a TON to return a bag that's color was misrepresented on their site.
  6. really? wow. now i'm kinda iffy to buy a gucci wallet for my bf from there. i can't find any other place that delivers to Canada :crybaby:
  7. styledrops is notorious for overcharging andpoor customer service but all of their stuff is authentic and sometimes its the only place you can get stuff that is sold out.

    It cost me $55 to return a pair of shoes that they sent in the wrong damn size!! Never again!
  8. They suck....they do have a great selection of bags...but the customer service was just terrible...and they are terribly expensive!!! Many other avenues to shop than Styledrops!!!!
  9. Their Balenciaga bags are 200$ more than in the regular European shops. IMO they're way to expensive therefor I'll take my business elsewhere.
  10. I only buy from them if I cant find it elsewhere and MUST HAVE IT...AND am 100% sure I wont return it...Make sure its the right purchase-otherwise its a loss.They do overcharge..I am aware of that...BUT there are a few things I dont mind paying higher for if I cant find them in the USA>
  11. Alice - we have tons of places that sell Gucci in Canada... I'm not a big Gucci wearer, but most of the Holt Renfrew's have a section for Gucci, and I believe some of the bigger cities have boutiques. It will probably be cheaper to buy directly from Holts.
  12. I would get it from Holt's in Toronto but I'm in Windsor now until the end of the month (here for school). I wanted to get my bf a gift before I had to leave to start out long distance relationship. Boo. :crybaby:
  13. Wow that is really too bad- they do have a great selection of bags, but customer service is very important to me so that's a bummer. Sorry to hear this Alice!!!
  14. Ugh thats annoying.

    thank you for proving the CS sucks
  15. same goes with netporter :yucky:
    they had a bottega wallet for around 400$ where i got it for 180$ from a bottega shop...