1. hi guys :smile: is legit website to sell balenciaga bags
    im browning and they selling the bbag ... thanks
  2. i think so but if you do a board search or go to seller watch, i know this has been answered.
  3. thanks chigirl
  4. There are only a couple of authorized online retailers for Balenciaga - aloharags and brown (something or other).

    The Chloe bags are very counterfeit! And so are the Balenciaga. The higher than retail prices don't mean that they are authentic.
  5. Good to know! I stand corrected. I thought I saw a thread or two saying otherwise.
  6. thanks chicbags :smile:
  7. I am open to comments as well. I just remember learning this about Balenciaga online awhile back. So I peek at the bags I know better (at least this month :roflmfao:) and I know for sure the Chloe bags are awful.

    P.S. Our names are very similar :angel:
  8. except i am not particularly chic just a "chi"cagoan!:rochard: not sure what this smilie means???