- how long does it take to ship?

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  1. i recently ordered something from, just wondering if anyone else who has ordered from them before - how long did it take to get your order?

  2. Hi, I had the exact same question. I was thinking about ordering a Fendi Spy from Style Drops and was wondering about their service. Does anyone have any experience with them they can share?

  3. It depends on what you order. my gucci handbag took 3 days, my shoes took about a week because they ran out of the one I wanted and my paddy took the longest with about 10 days.

    The items were shipped from Turin, Italy to Malaysia via DHL so delivery time could be shorter if you are in the West.
  4. I've been wondering about this site as well--is their merchandise authentic? Anyone have feedback to offer? Thank you!!!
  5. I ordered my gucci purse on the 16th of feb.. they've already charged my cc, and I've emailed them but they haven't provided me with the DHL tracking #. I guess I should email them again. :\
  6. My hogan I bought took about 2 weeks because they over sold. Soo they gave me a discount after a week. i called and complainted and the italian guy was funny nervous and nice.
  7. I ordered Prada shoes 2 weeks ago-It took 10 days to get them to the US-They NEVER sent the tracking #-I called to check on them though....The shoes were great though!
  8. Argh! Both bags i ordered are not avaliable anymore :sad: it took them two weeks to tell me this, but then again they claimed that they were looking for it from their partner shops..whatever that means. i just hope they'll credit me back. :sad:
  9. They are pretty quick, so long as it is in stock. I've gotten a couple of Gucci items from them. Has anyone ever had any trouble with authenticity from them? Everything I have gotten so far is beautiful, and seems to be absolutely authentic. Please tell me they are reputable, and no one has had any problems.....
  10. Any problems with authenticity from StyleDrops?
  11. Olily .. im pretty sure its an authentic Site :smile:
  12. I ordered a pair of gucci shoes and they came within a week! In terms of autheticity I haven't had any problems!