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  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. their prices seem higher than retail??
  2. I have always thought styledrops sold fake Balenciagas!
  3. OMG! I am SO SORRY! :sad: I didn't know! U thought they were legit! With all of the prada and miu miu they have... Better remove this post then! I am so sorry gals!:lecture:
  4. are we sure? Styledrops has gotten the nod of approval from most people here.
  5. Yeah, I think Swanky is right. I know I've read here that styledrops sells authentic. Overpriced, but authentic.
  6. I think the problem was specifically with balenciagas, not other designers. This was a few months ago though so maybe someone can confirm a recent bbag purchase from there.
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