1. Hello girls! I need some information about Styledrops..Are they locatied in US? I know that the company ship to Europe..I live in Europe do I have to pay tax coasts??Have a nice day!!:smile: :smile:
  2. they sell authentic pieces but...i wanted to return/exchange as i was disappointed when my YSL bag came - the leather was not as distressed and too shiny as ones I had previously seen - I emailed them twice as they have to send you a return code number and they never replied back - they say they allow one return/exchange but I have never heard from them and I wont send the bag back until they confirm they will take it back - their prices are very high as well - try Rafaello and Diabro - better prices and better choices
  3. hmm...never try that website before and i don't think i will as i guess their price is pretty steep in terms of the bbags....But i would recommend aloha rag or which is better rates in terms of shippin costs. Also, u can save custom tax from where u can declare lower than ur total purchases.....:smile:
  4. I ordered from Styledrop and my bag was shipped from Torino, Italy
  5. Yes, they ship from italy :yes:
    I'm italian, I sent them an e-mail last month and they said that they ship from Italy but don't ship to italy :tdown:
  6. ^Weird, isn't it :tdown: Do they ship to other places in Europe? Why don't you try