Styled by June

  1. anyone else watching? it's good mindless entertainment and a lot of pretty clothes.

    i've never seen more Hermes bracelets on one show.
  2. i always forget this is on!
  3. I'm watching, not feeling Trina's makeover :sad:
  4. No effing ma'am to the Trina makeover. The Baddes Bish ain't ready to step into the Juneiverse...

    she's gone back to dressing her regular way..
  5. Lmao. Lmao. It's in twitter that is was so hot. I missed the show.
  6. but that's 'cause trina is so basic.
  7. my FL friends would slap you for that. they ride hard for Trina. im like between her and Trick Daddy...i cannot with the state of Flo-rida
  8. I mean I still ride for miss diamond princess, but old girl is still basic. I don't Stan for her like I do one miss Beyonce Giselle Knowles.
  9. I don't know if I like this show. I expected a "day in the life" type show. Instead, this is more like "Sell This House".

  10. it's boring

    i do not like how they've set this up

    like i see what they were trying to do

    and i hate it
  11. if they did it like that, it would seem like a knockoff of the RZ project.
  12. ... I don't like the setup, either. the draw for me is all about June and her "fabulousness", not the style/image makeovers of the reluctantly stylish.
  13. I love a good makeover, so I set my DVR to record the series. Hopefully, I end up liking it! I saw her on Wendy Williams the other day, and that's what got me intrigued.
  14. I watched it last night. I don't remember the assistant's name (the one whose cart fell apart and the clothing fell into feces), but she should get fired.

    I actually liked Trina's makeover. It was refreshing to see her in something other than skin tight clothing. They should've made her lose those contacts though.
  15. what channel is this on?