1. :tup:

    tpfers you should all check out, i made best offers for about 70% of several gowns and the most beautiful brand nwt judith leiber sparkle swavarosky evening bag and they accepted every one and packed them all gorgeously perfectly and overnight...the most amazing eBay purchase i ever made!!! these gowns came with new tags still attached, one of them was a 5,000 gown that i got for 600 or so!

    i do not work for them i promise or know them other than through eBay, i could not let this extremely wonderful seller go unmentioned so i am posting it here...:drool:
  2. I bought a dress from them on eBay, when it arrived I was devastated that it wasn't made of the material they claimed it was. When I asked to return it they refused! I wouldn't give them any more business!!!! Shady.... I had even called their store and spoken with someone about the dress before I bid on it, so for both their listing and their employee to have given we wrong information, and then not make good on it - just not acceptable in my book. My dress was wrapped in brown tissue paper and placed inside a cardboard box for shipping - so obviously their packaging has improved since I bought from them. FYI, they get a lot of store samples, ends-of-lines, and at the time were claiming to be the authorized re-seller of Vera Wang. I hope you have better luck than I did!!!
  3. so what is the deal with them...are we sure they're legitmate sellers? I "window shop" on their website,, but have yet to actually buy anything from them for fear they're deals are just too good to be true!
  4. I hadn't shopped much on before I encountered this seller's shop while looking for wedding apparel for a friend. I foolishly bought hundreds of dollars of merchandise from this merchant all at one time, thinking that it would be great as gifts -- purses, dresses, sweaters, scarves, etc. Despite all of it being claimed as new, most of it arrived in an obviously used condition: without original pricetags (just a Stylebug tag); with marks, snags, pulled threads, and wear; the sweater pilling and its accent buttons falling off. They are geniuses at photographing the clothes, so that something that's actually an ugly olive color will appear bronze/gold, and a shapeless bag of a dress will be draped on a dummy to look like it actually has a cut.

    It can seem like you're getting a great deal, but I ended up donating much of what I bought to charity because I couldn't give stuff in that condition as presents. I strongly recommend in general that you never buy any expensive clothing item from someone on eBay until you've gotten something cheap from that person first, to ensure that the seller has integrity.