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  1. Inspired by Mimmy's stylebook closet, I decided I'd share my outfits, mainly because I need feedback.

    I'm not very fashionable. I'm always not sure when it comes to textures, patterns, or colors. The only thing I feel I excel at is accessorizing. If that lol.

    This app was mentioned and I absolutely love it. I like tracking what I wear and when I wore it. I love seeing the cost per wear get lower and lower. I like knowing what I have and what (I think) works for me.

    So I'll post my outfits and I'd like tips and whatnot to make them better. :smile:
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1403727393.569072.jpg

    I wore this today:
    Thrifted BCBG Max Azria top, with the Chanel brooch pinned to the bow tie.
    Burberry London trousers
    Ferragamo flats

    Why I'm unsure:
    Do charcoal and black go together?
    I probably should've picked more neutral shoes.

  3. I personally really like this whole look. I love a pop of color against an all-neutral outfit (yes, charcoal and black go together), and it looks like the red in the shoes is picked up by the pink stones in the brooch. It goes together without being matchy-matchy. :tup:
  4. I love this look! Personally, I think the red shoes go with most things!
  5. Phew! I was so self concious about whether I matched today or not. lol.

    The stones aren't pink. It's my phone reflecting off of them. They're clear, I should probably update the photo. Lol. But clear shouldn't change anything, right?

    Thanks! They've been my go-to shoes after I broke them in. They surprisingly go well with a lot of what I have.
  6. Yep, still works with clear stones. I agree with Chinese Warrior that red goes with lots of things -- black, grey, white, navy, khaki....
  7. I really like this outfit. The pop of color of the flats and the sparkle of the brooch looks great!

  8. Yay! Because those colors are most of what I have!

  9. Thanks!

    I was thinkin the pop might be too bold, but I guess it works since most of my outfit(s) are dark to begin with.

  10. I like the outfit, colorful shoes brighten it up perfectly! If I remember correctly then gray is very neutral color, it matches all the others and depending of the mate can appear warm or cold.

  11. I really like the pop of red from the Ferragamo shoes! Loving the Chanel brooch too!

  12. Thanks!

    To lower it's cost per wear I have to wear it daily all summer. Not like that's a hard thing to do lol!
  13. So here's tomorrow possible outfit.


    GAP men's chambray shirt (is this chambray?) I didn't know it was a men's shirt till I looked it up online for the stylebook pic lol. But I like that it doesn't have button pockets on the chest.

    Rock and Republic pink capris (I'm short, capris are ideal skinny pants for me. I'm iffy on if that's a good or bad thing) and tbh, I just got used to wearing such bright colored pants. Usually I prefer dark wash jeans or black trousers.

    Longchamp Le Pliage tennis shoes in lagoon. Total random purchase, but for 32$ I wanted to try them out.

    Hermes clic h bracelet in lagoon. I wear this daily, because I love it (favoritcolor!!) and to lower it's cost per wear now since it's so summery.

    And Chanel brooch, again because I love it and to lower it's cost per wear. Does it look too out of place? I was sort of inspired on Pinterest to wear a brooch on a more casual outfit.

    Is there too much color? Too much going on?
  14. ditto

    really like this outfit

  15. Thanks, egg tart!

    I'm trying to break up my dark colored outfits with some brighter/lighter ones.
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