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  1. Does anyone use the stylebook app on their iphone? how do you like the app?

    I want to download the app, the only reason I haven't is because I am wondering if it takes up too much space? I already get prompts about not having enough space on my iphone so thinking having an app with pictures of my entire closet might be too much.
  2. You will know if you don't have enough space on your phone by downloading it. Your phone will tell you if you don't have enough space for it.
  3. Thank you. I should have enough space to download the app itself, but just wondering about space after you load the app with personal information like all the photos of each of your clothing items, and making outfits, and also since the app keeps track of what you wear everyday, etc.
  4. Well again, your phone will tell you all that as you go along. You might want to delete apps you aren't using to free up space beforehand.

  5. Okay thanks. I realize my iPhone can tell me how much space each app is taking and will alert me. I was just hoping to get people's experience and thoughts of the app, and whether space was a constant issue - because in general regardless of the fact that I can keeping making space for the app if needed, I don't want an app that requires that much maintenance (in terms of constantly making space for it) or wasn't sure if anyone would have had any logistical/tech tips on the app. Thank you for your information though and taking time to respond to the thread.
  6. Do you have an iPad? Might have more space and the pics would be bigger too.
  7. I have it and it doesn't seem to take that much space on my phone and iPad. I'll check how much space it takes on my iPad but on my iPhone it takes 199MB
  8. i am also thinking if i should get this app
    it seems like a great way to sort out my closet and record my outfits

    a little intimidated by all the initial work though
    anyways if i do download it i feel like id use it on an ipad
    lol the bigger screen calls to me
  9. I do it on both. iPad to keep track of outfits and on my phone to keep track of what I have while shopping.

    It does take a good initial time investment.
    I think it took about a week or two to get everything in. It's also a good time to check and clean your closet if everything is a keeper.

    But once you have it all in, it's a matter of keeping track of everything going in and out.
  10. I know the initial time required to record each clothing item will be annoying, but I think worth it at the end right lol :smile:

  11. Yes, looking forward to cleaning by closet simultaneously! :smile:
  12. Thanks for your feedback! :smile: :biggrin:
  13. I don't have an ipad, but thats something to consider, thanks! :smile:
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