Style Tips from Vicky b.

  1. With Style queen Victoria Beckham officially releasing her style guide: That Extra Half An Inch: Hair Heels and everything in between on 20th October 2006, UK's The Sun has released some of her commandments for looking fabulous. Personally, I find this extremely useful for ladies and men alike...except that us men can't be tottering in heels. :sweatdrop: So here is the wonderful style guide:

    1.That extra half 1/2" is worth the pain: go for the highest heels you can walk in.

    2.Good grooming is as important as good clothes: NEVER go out with chipped nails or bad hair.

    3.Emphasise your good bits: Hide the not-so-good..For example, A waistcoat highlights toned arms and tailored trousers hide soggy knees.

    4.Follow classic style must-dos: Don't let it all hang out-leave a little to the imagination.

    5.Dress from the inside out: always wear great underwear-even as outerwear if you're brave enough. (guys take note: calvin klein's are the way to go, and NEVER flaunt those red strap pro stretch!!)

    6.Find your own fashion fail-safe: when you're having a blated day, always have some emergency figure flatterers!!

    7.ACCESSORISE,ACCESSORISE,ACCESSORISE: the right bag, shoes or sunglasses can make or transform the look of an outfit...vicky never leaves the house without sunnnies.

    8.Invest in some timeless classics: vicky rarely buys anything that's obviously from a particular season's collection (with the exception of bags..duh!!)

    9.Bronzed is beautiful: vicky says that if you can't afford the real thing, go to St.Tropez in a can..(note that as a super fair asian, i actually enjoy being fair fact, I boosted my complexion with Clarins Whitening Essence...but I'm having inspiration for the tanned look again! :yes: )

    10.Borrow from another era: vicky favours fifties styles as they're tailored to give a great silhouette.

    This rounds up Vicky's 10 commandments to look beautiful...I hope this helps fabulous sisters and brothers!!!! :wlae:
  2. oh my... i'm sorry, but i don't think i would be buying that book :roflmfao:
  3. oh I will - am going to her book signing too
  4. im soo getting it :P
  5. you mean the one at selfridges?? it's on a monday.. sorry, i posted the date wrongly. it's 30th Oct..not 20th Oct.
  6. yeah Monday 30th - are you going?
  7. i really wanna go, but i'll be in berlin for my half term holiday..will only be back on 31st... only if you could help me get it signed... :yahoo:
  8. Iono about that heel advice. Has she seen elderly women who have worn heels all of their life? I have:yucky: ..........
  9. I'll definitely get the book because after being on tPF for awhile I'm actually starting to look forward to more pix of her!

    That said, I partially agree with #1. I am getting back to higher heels but eesh, bunions...hammer pay the price later in life :sad:

    I completely disagree with #9. I have porcelain skin. I don't tan. It's part of my signature look and I love it.
  10. i agree! i don't tan either and i have very few lines b/c of it. i think porcelain is gorgeous!
  11. I think #4 is hysterical, she walks around in very little with those bolt on boobs popping out, and then advises others to dress like Grace Kelly? I still like her but geez..
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I agree with #1 - That heels make all the difference. But being 6 ft barefeet, and the pain that comes with heels, I've a total failure with #1. Thank gawd flats are "fashionably acceptable" again :shame:
  13. VB fails on #8.
  14. Vicky said this?

    4.Follow classic style must-dos: Don't let it all hang out-leave a little to the imagination.

    :roflmfao: physician, heal thyself!
  15. 3.Emphasise your good bits:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ......okay. got it. writing this one down...