Style this dress!

  1. I purchased this Catherine Malandrino dress this past weekend, but need styling suggestions. I know that I can wear it with tights and a round-toe pump as pictured, right? Any other suggestions for rocking this bold print? The belt can be removed and/or tied in the back, too. Thanks in advance!
    cm_infinity print dress.jpg
  2. high black boots would look nice and a long necklace...
  3. That would work. I just saw this picture on NAP. That's exactly the way they have it styled. Good suggestion!
  4. Wear it with bare legs
    black thick belt at the waist or just below the bust line
    black heels or red (are those red blocks?)
    black long coat
    long simple chain necklace in gold or silver
  5. Thanks, wantmore. That sounds great. I will definitely try the look out this weekend. Planning to wear next week to a friend's holiday party.
  6. So pretty. Very unique dress.

    I prefer to do white, black, or silver shoes and accessories with such a dress. A similar shade of magenta to me would feel too matchy-matchy... like you thought about it too hard while putting the look together.
  7. Yep. I am definitely planning to wear black shoes with this dress. It's a very bold print, and I am not a matchy-matchy type of gal! I'm going to try the dress the following ways:

    - dress with original belt, black tights and round toe black patent heels
    - dress with original belt, black tights and black knee boots
    - dress with a wide, black belt, black tights and round toe heels and boots
    - dress with wide black belt, no tights and round toe heels and boots

    And, yes, I had to type out all of the combinations so that I don't forget! I don't usually wear such bold prints and really want to rock this look.
  8. Haha. I love how organized your are. I normally shy away from prints as well and really love how people can rock it!