Style? Size?

  1. I am wondering..... do you have a particular style of purse that you always buy and thats all you use like always a tote or always a flap bag, etc? What about size? Always a large bag, small bag, medium?? Because I have this problem and I think I need psychiatric help :nuts: I just cannot make up my mind. I like them ALL!!! And to make matters even worse I like them all at the same time. It wouldnt be so bad if I liked carrying a tote for a few months and then switched it up and changed over to a duffle or whatever but NOOOOOO. Yesterday I liked the satchel and today I still do but now I want to carry the tote but I still like the satchel so much that I dont want to quit carrying it. If I switch over to the tote any way I'll feel the same way about it. Maybe I'll carry them both... one on each shoulder :hysteric: I even like different sizes. Sometimes I am in a small bag mode and want to carry a really small bag. Not very often though. I mostly just go back and forth between wanting a medium bag and a large bag. Then that means changing all the accessories. Cant have a skinny minny in a large tote. And a kiss lock wristlet doesnt really work in a smaller bag. ARGH Am I the only totally wacky person on this forum or are there more of us???
  2. your funny uoflkim,

    i usually like big bags & carry smaller ones for the evenings outs.
  3. you're not alone - - i also have different moods of what bag to carry, and get undecided too! But I mostly stick to medium sized bags with straps that comfortably fit over the shoulder. (i'm so glad Coach has lengthened the shoulder straps on most of their bags!)
  4. I definitely like larger bags more than smaller ones. I think the smaller ones are perfect for going out evenings, etc. I don't particularly like bags that are too large and boxy at the same time....I prefer a slouchier style when it's a really large bag, it gives it a more relaxed look and not so much like overnight luggage!! :smile:
  5. I prefer big bags, and I have always been partial to hobos. My second choice would be a shoulder bag. I LOVE brown bags and white or colored ones would be second, and I generally do not like black bags. I know I am in the minority for sure there.
  6. I have almost all small bags with one tote. I like the demis and the small hobos and I just bought a small flap. So, I don't have a preference for the style, just as long as it's a small bag.
  7. i love giant totes! my weakness!
    'i always think i need another one!
  8. I always go back to the smaller bags, 8 x 10 or biggest so far is my Legacy Shoulder Zip and it isn't that much bigger.
  9. I LOVE hobos but this month I am going to try to get a large tote!! Oh and I have a swingpack for those crazy days when I am chasing my kids!!
  10. No specific style, other then the requirement with little exception that it must be able to go on my shoulder... However, I am a sucker for anything BLUE!!! Wave most blue colored things in front of me and I NEED... it. It is subconscious though... I don't even think about it until after I purchase and realize it is another blue bag!! :shame:
  11. Its fun to see all the differences in people! Variety is definitely the spice of life!! :biggrin:
  12. I tend to always go for big bags. I love hobos and totes. I tend to prefer big, slouchy, kind of shapeless bags.

    Although recently I've been contradicting my normal "style" because I bought a Daphne *last year* and the trip before last that I took to the outlet, I bought a Hamptons book tote. So I also am finding I like bags with some structure too. *L* Can't seem to make up my mind apparently.
  13. Im short...5', i tend to go with smaller bags....i have lots of smaller ones! I used to have a larger tote, but it engulfed me and made me look even smaller! haha

    i also seem to be attracted to blacks and whites.....i have NO color coach's yet!!! how lame am I ?? LOL

    im waiting for a couple of things to arrive that I bought....once they arrive, I will take a picture of my "small" coach collection.
  14. they gotta be big and shoulder bags. i'm partial to black, but i'm trying to expand to lighter and different colors. i have a few small bags that i RARELY use. same goes for satchels, except for my speedy because i love her.
  15. I gravitate more towards handheld/top handle/satchel type bags. I tend to carry a lot of stuff in my bags so shoulder bags would not be too comfortable for me. If I can't decide between one style or the other, the bag that has feet almost always wins in the end.