"Style Secrets" (Victoria's Secret breast enhancers) I just got them.

  1. I just got "Style Secrets," those little silicone inserts to give you added push-up. I think they're alright... anyone else use them? I literally just got them today and am only as far as trying them out at this point. I feel like I'm going to lose one of them, like in a very loose fitted shirt, when I lift my arms up sometimes my bra will lift up a smidge, except now with these on I feel afraid one will fall out onto the floor! Which is why I'm really testing them out around the house paying attention. Not sure yet.

    Any better enhancers out there...? I had asked a while back but I was still let to these in the end.

    What do you think of them, any problems? I got them because I just really wanted an added push-up but I'm curious how others think of them. They didn't really make my size as big as I though, they actually look more natural, not like "wow, where'd those come from?!"

    By the way, I only wear Victoria's Secret's "Secret Embrace/ Very Sexy" no idea what it's called, but they're these:
    Also on the front of the website. And the material on those is also kind of slippery I think... was curious too if anyone knows the best bra to pair them with? I am comfortable with VS for now, not sure if I'm ready to 'venture out' into other bras.