Style question

  1. What would you call the pattern of leather that is on these two bags? I want to do a search for others, but I can't figure out what to search for. :huh: Nordstrom has a similar one, but it's not on their website. I am curious is there are any more out there.
    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Geez, that's a toughie. They both have a "tooled" leather look or maybe a woven look?
  3. I'll try that. :biggrin: I will have to take a pic of the one I got at Nordie's. I really like it, it's more of a rectangle shape. The only thing is it doesn't have a lining in it and the height is not that tall with only a snap closure. I'm thinking good shorts/t-shirts summer handbag, but would prefer a little more security.
  4. I agree with Wicked...woven. There were lots of similar bags to the ones you posted last summer. I know I saw an identical one (to the first link) from Anthropologie.
  5. The way to describe the leather is to say it has cutouts.