Style over Substance? Is your LV bag both beautiful AND practical?

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  1. Okay - I'll open this thread by saying yes - for me at least - I have two "go to" bags that I will choose time after time. These are the Totally MM, my newer PM and my Gallieras. I find the Totally an almost perfect day to day bag and a joy to both carry and use - her side pockets are great for my phone and keys - I love the security of a zippered close too and the Galliera is an absolutely gorgeous, comfortable, practical bag that I honestly cannot fault. Both bags can be accessed internally by dropping one handle and so for me at least - they are both beautiful, practical and a joy to own.

    Which are your "go to" bags and why? Do you have others that look stunning but that are impractical or just plain uncomfortable?
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  2. I'll chime in...... My 2 go to bags are the Neverfull GM in monogram and Delightful GM in Monogram. Both work so well for my lifestyle!
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  3. My latest go to bag is my newest purchase— the on your side bag. I love how it’s easy to get in and out of and is organized and can be crossbody.

    I miss carrying my Chanel’s but they aren’t practical for needing to haul around things for my kid and/ or a water bottle and my work things... I think with the price increases, I’m glad I got them when I did, though. Maybe I’ll get to use them again someday?
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  4. My 2 would be the pochette métis and pochette accessories. I’m pining for the Santa Monica though. Nice small bag that packs a punch.
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  5. For me, these bags are too expensive not to be both functional and beautiful. I would never buy a bag that did not meet both criteria, and that I could use every week or weekend. That is why I don’t have a single evening bag (LV or otherwise). I will not put down serious money on a bag I would use only 1-2 times a year.
    I put all 6 of my crossbody bags in rotation. I have one that is a top handle which sees very little use, which I bought about 20 years ago, and a St. Jacques that is my one true hoarding piece, that I rarely use and would NEVER sell.
  6. All of my bags are practical. Even my evening type bags I’ve been using for out to a nice dinner too instead of letting them sit waiting for special occasions. I won’t buy something I think is going to just sit around.

    I do have a couple of non LV bags that are heavier than I’d like but otherwise still fit what I need. (YSL Besace & Dior Diorisimmo in a dreamy color) Those I don’t use as much but I still use them until the weight starts to wear on me. They’re both on my never sell list.

    My first world problem at the moment is too many bags that all “fit the bill” so to speak so I can’t really justify ridding myself of any of them but I certainly don’t need them all. It’s hard to rotate them all in. Trying a bag ban for 2020 and trying to reduce but I just can’t seem to let any go...

    Lately my go to work bag isn’t even designer at all but it’s perfect for work so rotation becomes even harder... I sort of wish I’d come home one day to 1/2 my designer bags sold and a nice check without having to decide which ones lol.
  7. I have to admit that out of all of my bags (I currently have 10 but the number fluctuates) the only two I have that are suitable as “everyday - practical” bags are the my world tour MM Neverfull and my onthego tote.... because I can fit pretty much anything and everything into them and they still remain comfortable to use... as for a beautiful but impractical bag - I think that goes to my Dior bags... a book tote in burgundy dior oblique canvas and a new version of the Saddle bag in blue oblique canvas.... the reasons for those being that the book tote while a good idea in theory, I find bulky and I always worry about damaging it (but I think it’s an amazing piece of craftsmanship) and the saddle bag because it’s too small to be practical and the shoulder strap is shorter than I like (and I hate those clip on straps Dior have) ... but I always wanted one....... crazy huh!
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  8. I have a GM and MM Neverfull...thinking about selling my MM now! GM is my go to. I also have a PMR, but I favor my Chanel WOC now.
    Looking to add a Favorite MM sometime soon.
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  9. Ok girls my two LV bags that I go for. My PSPM and PSM. Only if I can get the PSM back from my sister because she keeps borrowing it. she messing me up:biggrin:
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  10. I'd dearly love an Artsy and think one of the most beautiful LV bags has ever made...but.... I just can't see it being a practical day to day bag, so short of buying one to just take out and admire, I just cannot justify buying something so (for me) impractical - however gorgeous. It will just have to be on my admiration list lol.
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    Pochette metis - my practical purse !

    But if I had a freebie at LV and could get something impractical..... id be getting the cannes in reverse. I find it to be stunning, a bit of vintage vibe and I don't have anything in reverse monogram.

    I would have a terrible time opening and closing it along with it being an awkward shape.

    The chanel mini rectangular/square and trendy clutch are also on my impractical wishlist
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  12. Most of my bags were bought due to lust at first sight, I didn't give much thought to how practical they were.:angel: I have a few clutches and tiny evening type bags but I never go anywhere - apart from work.
  13. We have the same taste! I'm planning to re-add the monogram PM (had one pre-loved and always worried about repairs so sold it). Purchased the monogram reverse cannes and I've only carried it once but I see it as my one impractical piece and the rest have to be practical hence my small collection!
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  14. The reverse Cannes - just gorgeous
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  15. I use my black empreinte ponthieu for work, love the leather, zipper and multi strap carry option. Weekend walks bring my monogram pochette accessoires out into the light, while travel sees the damier totally mm put to use.My main selection of bags are for the practicality and low key appearance. Love them!