Style Numbers

  1. Hey all :heart:

    I need a few Style Numbers and I hope someone can help me.

    • GST
    • Timeless Caviar Clutch
    • Jumbo Caviar Flap
    • Large and Medium Caviar Flap
    • Camelia Card Holder
    Thanks in advance
  2. Camelia CC holder has the style nr: A36542Y04261 noir(45) -94305

    Timeless classic Clutch in caviar: A32342Y01588 noir(45) - 94305

    GST: A20995Y01588
  3. Thanks Mediana. Now I need only the Style Numbers for the Flaps..
  4. Large (not jumbo - double flap) caviar w/ old chain - A01112 Y01588
    Large (same as above) caviar w/ new (bijou) chain -A35190 Y01588
  5. Please note 94305 I think is the color code for black.
  6. Thanks :heart: Does somebody have the Style Numbers for the other Flaps?
  7. I need now only the Style Number of the Classic Caviar Medium and Large Flap and the Jumbo. Thanks :smile:
  8. The jumbo classic with gold hardware is A28600Y01498
    - silver hardware A28600Y1588.
    The medium(large) classic caviar with gold is A01112Y01498
    - lamb with gold hardware A01112Y01490
    - caviar the silver hardware A01112Y01588
  9. does anyone have the style number for the little camelia flap bag that's in stores now?
  10. Classic Camellia Flap: A16780
  11. Hi! Does anyone have the code for the Jumbo Flap with Bijoux chain? Thanks in advance
  12. Can someone please help me with the style and color nr for M/L Caviar Flap in Beige Claire w/GH?