Style Number?

  1. I am registering one of my Coach bags online and it is asking for the Style number. Where do I find this? I have the Registration Number obviously. Also, what does the registration number mean (meaning does the stamped code stand for a year, style...etc)?

  2. If it is a newer bag, it is the last 4 or 5 numbers on the creed. For example (making this up) if the number was 1L8-0532, the style number is 0532
  3. What are the benefits to registering your bags online? I've never done it.
  4. ^^ Nothing happened after I registered about 30 bags in the past year so I stopped. Not sure if it does anything really. This has been discussed before though.
  5. I want to know what it does too lol...I registered one and just realized I should register the other...just incase it means anything worthwhile
  6. Hmmm - I thought Coach had some sort of guarentee? Am I wrong? Wouldn't registering it prove that it belongs to you?
  7. Registering isn't required anymore.
  8. So if there is something wrong with your bag, what do you do?
  9. send it to your local coach and theyll have you in the system. that is if you bought it from coach.
  10. What if I bought it from Macy's, Dillards, or a store on a military installation?
  11. as long as its authentic, it doesn't matter. you can call the 1800 number for advice, or just take it to the store (i wouldn't even say where i bought it from) and they will ship it out for repairs.
  12. Thanks! Thats great to know.
  13. why not?
  14. Because it is meaningless. All it is, is a means of obtaining data.
  15. If I don't have a Coach in my local area and I want something repaired, how do I find out where to ship it? Call the 1-800- number?