Style Number

  1. Is the number for this bag (Large hamptons weekend tote) 1895 or 5071?
    (btw, did any of you see a large recently in an outlet? Which outlet?)

    Btw, does anyone know the colors these come in? I think these were from the 05 collection since they have brown straps...but why do some bags have a blue patch while others have a red patch outside? Thanks!
    112705_coach.jpg 0227_1.jpg
  2. Mine is 1895 and in black, but I already told you that in another thread you posted asking about this bag.

    I know they came in a variety of colors... Red, black, green, light blue, beige, pink... Maybe more.

    I don't have the answer to the patch color question...
  3. These bags were originally in the boutiques a few years back, but then they were sent to the outlets. When they got to the outlets Im almost positive that they mixed the boutique bags in w/ some that were made specifically for the outlets, so that may be why you are seeing different tag colors.
  4. The reason I am doubting the number is when I plug the number 1895 into this link: it shows

    [​IMG] I don't want the bag to have the same color as the straps. I want the bag with the brown straps like the bottom pic. And when I plug 5071 into it, the bag looks somewhat similiar to what i want. So i'm really confused. But i want to know because i'm going to place an order on it. :crybaby:
  5. When I click the link you posted above, it didn't show that green tote you have pictures. The picture that comes up is the larger Hamptons tote in blue.
  6. i saw them like a year ago at the outlet....