Style number?

  1. Anyone have the style number for the signature Carly wristlet? I noticed they aren't on the website, and there aren't any on eBay. I'm hoping to call Customer Service to find out if there will be a brown one to match the brown/brown Carly...

  2. It's 40469 - I have it in black signature and I LOVE it! :yes:

    This one, right?
  3. Thanks!
  4. As of now there is no brown/brown Carly wristlet, according to CS. :tdown: I hope they decide to make one! :yes:
  5. ^^^So do I!

  6. I didn't know they made this in this color! I need it! I want to get it for a wallet type thing... How much is it and are they at outlets?
  7. ^I just picked one up in all leather at the outlet the weekend before the 4th and it was $58. I don't know if the signature ones made it there but the leather did! :yes:
  8. Wow if the signature one is that cheap I HAVE to get one!

    Maybe they will be cheaper... OMG I'm so excited. I never thought they made it in the Khaki/Saddle... Only the Cotton signature!

    Did they make Khaki/Gold?