Style number of the brown Grand Shopping tote?

  1. Anyone have the style number for this bag? Also is it the same price as the black Grand Shopper tote?

  2. Sorry, I don't have a style no., but I do know that the Brown Grand Shopper is in Lambskin and retails for $1895. The Black Caviar Grand Shopper is $1695 - HTH!
  3. Thank You so much!:smile:
  4. the brown Grand Shopping Tote is not lambskin, as far as I know there are no lambskin Shopping Totes in this style.
    The original caviar is $1650 at NM and and they have a brown at my store right now and that price ^ is correct, $1895.
  5. it's calfskin. . .
  6. Do you mind telling me which store is that? Thank you!

    I finally did get the style number from NYC Chanel store(57th Street) but they currently have none available in the brown.
  7. Did the price go up maybe? I think Swanky's right that it's calfskin (veau is the term in Nordstrom's PDF) and the price I see in the PDF is $1895. I'm curious why there are two prices, unless the $1895 leather is not caviar.
  8. One of the shoppers listed at $1895 is the version with the dark brown slightly distressed calfskin.
  9. the new colors are $1895 - the antique brown and the red color as well. The old standards are still $1650 but will probably increase soon.

    The store that has at least one in stock is NM in Plano, TX. I know Shannon is there now and am almost positive the bag is too.
    Call and ask for Shannon in handbags at {972}629-1700, tell her it's the one Amanda pre-ordered, she'll know right away.
  10. Whew, so confusing! Thanks for clearing things up ladies.

    Good luck cilla! I hope you find your Brown Grand Shopper
  11. Thank you so much Swanky Mama of Three, I called and got the bag!!!
  12. Yea!!!
  13. Awesome Cilla! Congrats and pics when it arrives!!
  14. Bumping this up for a couple of questions. I had a chocolate GST held for a friend of mine and when she called for it yesterday, the SA said it was calfskin caviar leather. I thought it was lambskin (since this is the only color that's 200.00 more) but after finding this thread, I guess it IS calfskin. They just arrived yesterday, so I thought it could be a different leather. Can someone briefly explain the difference between calfskin and caviar leather on these, or are they the same on the GST? Does anyone have the brown & another color side-by-side pic to compare? Thanks!