Style number help

  1. Does anyone know the style number of this bag?
  2. ^ I mean wristlet
  3. Where did you see this cute wristlet at? I love it!!!!
  4. A site my aunt uses to " rent bags" you them for a week or two.. etc. They have these sales every once in awhile on their bags .. which are used and this little one immediatly caught my eye. I need it!! I wanted to get an idea of the retail price before buying it..
  5. I just got off the phone with Coach and they have no idea if this is authentic or not. They said that it might have been made to sell in department stores only and therefore wont come up.
  6. Maybe no one knows the style number, but has anyone ever seen this wristlet before?:shrugs: TIA
  7. I've never seen it...:confused1:
  8. I called COACH again and this time CS said that yes they did make this clutch, but only a limited amount and it retailed for 698.00 Holy cow thats one pricey wristlet