Style number for Medallion tote needed! Help!

  1. Hello Ladies.. I'm ordering this bag from Saks over the phone and my SA is asking me if I have and Item number so she can order it from the "Look Book" , My Saks does really sell Chanel so the ladys are not so Chanel Savvy :p If any one can help I would so graetly appreciate it . TIA

    :heart: Laura
  2. :yes: Sorry .. to correct myself.. The Style # not item #
  3. The Medallion in caviar with silver medallion is A01804 Y01588. Caviar with gold medallion is A01804 Y01498.
  4. COCO !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!! :yahoo: HUGS to YOU !!!!

    :heart: LAura
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if any of you can help me. I am searching for the style number of the Medallion tote in black (silver hardware). Can anyone help me???? Thanks!
  6. ah hah! i just received this information from a lovely PFer (thanks StarBrite310 :flowers: ) The style number she sent me is 00V A01804Y01498, not sure if the colour code is there though but that's definitely the style code :yes:
  7. Glad you got my mail! My bag has the gold hardware though. I am sure the style number is still similar though.
  8. Thanks so much, girls!!!! :smile:
  9. oh nightshade, glad you got it!!!! I'm sorry I was useless.
  10. awww don't say that sheanabelle! its not your fault if your box didn't have a sticker. Thanks for trying anyways :flowers: